Have you ever watched a real sport battle at a real stadium? If so, then you will never forget the exiting atmosphere of game. It is easy to see that the world around us is actually a huge stadium too and like at the sports field there are three main types of roles people choose: Player, Observer and Substitute.

At different stages of our lives and for different purposes we tend to take different positions, not only the most active role as Player, but also Observer and Substitute. It is all about risk and benefits that we get taking a particular stance.

Player. His benefits are passion, drive, admiration of fans, moving forward, perspectives, results, delightful feeling of victory and the laurels of being the winner! His risks are losses, mistakes, defeats, injuries, misunderstandings, disappointments and criticisms of others, negative reactions of those who envy him, get a wrong result or don’t get a result.

Observer. His benefits are the ability to sit and not do anything, security; lack of injuries, mistakes and defeats; absence of risks and losses; the ability to criticize and defend his opinion. His risks are to embody other people’s dreams, the illusion of getting results, not to live your life, and be content with what was given.

Substitute. It is rather an intermediate position between the Player and the Observer. The main focuses in this role are stress, bad experience, lack of vision and faith in yourself. If we are in this position, then the tasks of recovering resources and finding motivation to succeed are crucial.

So, some play on a field, take risks, get bumps and bruises, lose and win, create and get their results. Their life is a struggle, excitement for achievement, challenge and stretch themselves.

Others sit in the grandstands or at home watching on TV. They are not at risk, prefer comfort, do not create and cannot influence the outcome. Nothing depends on them, they don’t take responsibility, use other people’s results and are content with little. Their destiny is to be part of the Player’s victory, and to live vicariously through someone else’s achievement. They complain about their lives and say they have no luck…

What kind of life do you choose? What decisions do you make?

What are you doing now? In what process are you and how does it fit your true goals?

What role are you playing now? Will this role lead you to your destination and provide the ease, efficiency and compliance with the desired results?

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