Big and Small Life Transitions: Impacting

Life transitions are times of change in an individual’s life and our lives are full of many of them. While some are desirable (marriage) others are unwanted or unexpected (death of loved ones). Some transitions are gradual (like aging) while others are abrupt (like losing a job).

Regardless of the kind of circumstances surrounding the transition, they are all usually intensely emotional and can be highly stressful situations. What can complicate matters even more is that we are often going through many life changes/transitions all at once, overloading our ability to cope and even putting us into personal, emotional, physical, financial crisis as well as a crisis of faith.


Here are some examples of life transitions I work with:

  • Marriage, starting a new relationship, relationship crisis
  • Parenting, new parents, teenagers
  • Breakup, separation and divorce
  • Loss and grief of a person, pet or dream
  • Job loss/Career changing/Promotion
  • Personal crisis (identity, middle-age, losing meaning of life)
  • Starting own business
  • Leaving home/Empty nest syndrome
  • Graduation, entering college, or dropping-out
  • Moving to a different country or city

Navigating How Transitions Impact You: Will it Make You Better or Worse?

No doubt, common feelings for people experiencing different types of life transitions are anxiety, fear, discomfort, depression, loneliness, worries and reduced self-esteem. People might feel vulnerable, helpless, overwhelmed, lost or stuck coping with unknown situations.

Sometimes it can feel like losing the solid ground under your feet, your old comfortable cozy world is crumbling down and you don’t know what to expect and where to start. As kids, we were often not taught healthy ways to deal with life’s unpredictable changes. As a result, we as adults often feel ill-equipped to deal with the tremendous difficulties we are facing. Without proper skills, you may find a current life transition, which left unattended, can result in a future life crisis. What you do in your current life transition will influence how you deal with future life transitions as your life unfolds.

Lana is one of the kindest, most positive people I know! Her smile and upbeat attitude lights up the room when she walks in. She’s a great role model to many women because of encouraging, confident, and compassionate nature. If you are looking for a lifestyle change and need support during the process, I highly recommend Lana’s services!” – D.H.

Healthy Life Transition Coping Skills: Counselling Reveals Your Inner Resources

 It is important to understand that there are crucial and invaluable life skills that can be learned in counseling. Facing a crossroads of any sort in life can be a difficult and challenging experience, but you don’t have to struggle on your own with your challenge. You might feel too overwhelmed and busy trying to get used to your new life and think that it is too much to have counselling on the top of everything, but with the professional support of a counsellor on your side, the whole transition can be completed easier and quicker. I specialize in helping people deal with all the emotional struggles that come with life’s transitions.

Sometimes just being able to talk to someone about a situation is enough to make it less of a problem. Most people can benefit from the solutions and help that therapeutic counselling may offer for dealing with life’s transitions, whatever the specifics might be.

My goal in our cooperative therapeutic counselling is to encourage you to discover and activate your inner resources, turning any challenge into an opportunity for personal growth and moving through a period of change with power and purpose in order to come to a successful outcome. For many, it is a time of recognizing that change can be one of the greatest and most liberating adventures of your life!

Change your transition into inspiration!

 Your life is a story of transition. You are always leaving one chapter behind while moving on the next.” – Linda Seidler

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